i just joined and thought some of you may be interested in my work, iv'e posted a few samples below with some information and a link to my website

Pastel Pet Portraits

“A Keepsake To Cherish Forever”

Do you have a dog, cat, horse or other pet either with you or who has passed on who is special to you? I can immortalize your pet on the softest velour paper so you can always have a beautiful keepsake of your loved one to cherish forever.

I only use the finest pastels and paper, each portrait is rendered with care and attention to detail, keeping in mind that our pets today are quickly becoming valued members of the family. Pastels have been my preferred medium for a while now, my passion for animals is what inspired me to paint animals in pastel, with their innocence and curiosity to the world around them they make simply adorable subjects.

A portrait of your favorite pet doesn't have to cost a fortune, I keep all my portraits at low prices without substituting quality.
Even if you do not have a pet in your family a pet portrait makes the perfect gift.

My pet portraits come in three sizes,

Australian Dollars -

Small (23 by 19cm) - $70.00

Medium (30 by 36cm) - $120.00

Large (50 by 56cm) - $250.00

American Dollars -

Small - 9” x 7” - $55

Medium - 11” x 14” - $90

Large – 19” x 22” - $160

English Pounds -

Small - 9” x 7” - 30 pounds

Medium - 11” x 14” - 50 pounds

Large – 19” x 22” - 90 pounds

For all other currency’s just contact me and I can find out for you.

A pastel takes me one to five days to complete depending on the detail involved. If you decide to purchase a pet portrait i will need a good quality photo emailed or pm'd to me so I can start work on it straight away.

Website - http://www.pastelpetportraits.com.au
Email - jfdean@ozzienet.net