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    Poor Abby has a urine infection again and is on antibiotics, Septrin 1.5mls. Does anyone out there have a cav who suffers from urine infections. This is her second one and she is only 12 weeks old. I just realized that it is prob the reason for my trouble with paper training. She is doing better now.

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    Yes, my India has had several urinary tract infections. We're having her urine monitored regularly for pH and struvite crystals.

    Talk to the vet to find out if her pH could be a factor causing the infection, and how to manage that.

    Many times India's pH was too alkaline, so now she is on a high protein food and takes 125 mg of vitamin C daily. We cut the chewable vit C in half.

    I would not give vitamin C to a puppy unless the vet is monitoring her, because it can cause stomach upset. There are other prescription medications to change pH, if needed.

    Twice the vet wanted to put her on Hill's Prescription diet CD, but that food uses corn gluten meal to make the urine more acidic. I will never feed my dogs anything with corn gluten meal in it, since that Diamond brand dog food batch that killed several dogs in the US last winter!!

    Both my vet and I researched, and she has approved me feeding India this canned food called Evo 95% beef (no grain, low carb) if India's pH goes off again. Currently I am feeding her just the Evo kibble (no grain) and the vit C, and she is doing fine.

    Some dogs' urine is too acidic, and they can get a different type of crystals, so you really must work closely with your vet!!

    All crystals are bad, because they can form into kidney stones, which are life threatening and require surgery.
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    Poor little Abby Hope she gets better soon xxxxx

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    Gillian Guest


    Thanks a lot for replies. I will check with my vet as to what type of infection it is.
    What happens is that she wees a lot. I mean like 5 times an hour. This doesnt happen all the time but a couple of times a day. She also drinks a lot of water.
    Hope antibiotics clear it up.

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    i sure hope she gets over it once and for all! That would definitely figure into house training difficulties, although she's so young now that i wouldn't expect her to be housetrained. What kind of house training difficulties are you having?

    if she has repeated urinary tract infections and they culture it and it's caused by e.coli bacteria, you might look into d-mannose. It's harmless and has a mild sweet taste mixed in water, it's a white powder, a kind of sugar, i think any dog would enjoy it, given with a syringe in the mouth, you can use it long term, ongoing, it won't cause any harm, though hopefully there would be no need to.

    If they don't culture it because they're pretty sure they know what it is, i would probably try d-mannose.

    here's some info about it where they tell how they believe it works:


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