We've had little Cosmo for just over 2 weeks now. We are crate training him, and all seemed to be going well. He had an accident in his crate the first 2 nights but had been fine ever since, until last night. I guess this is where my inexperience is showing.

We had some pretty nasty storms last night, and I don't think that he cared for them very much. Everytime there was a lull in the storm, we tried to take him out, but he would just want to come back in. He didn't even try to go.

Anyways, we fell asleep for a few hours and woke up and he had messed his cage . I took him outside immediately in case anything else was left (it had stopped raining by then, just wet grass), but he just wanted to come back in, so I assumed that he was empty. Two minutes later, he pee'd on the floor, and it was a good bit, so I don't think that it was a sudden urge.

Any advise would be appreciated.