Hello everyone, this is my first day out to the beach with my Aunty Jenny and Uncle Jason and my good sis Kayla... she is like my big sis i love running after her and following her. I think if i do everyting like she does i will grow up to be a good girl just like her.... It is fun copying her and hopefully one day i will be all grown up too... Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed my day out!!!!!!

YAYYYYY this is funnn time to run around on the beach this is my first time i do not know why i have not come here before i have been missing out!!!!!

OHHH i see a bird... I am going to run after it now !!!! (can you believe she is pointing in this pic)

run jump run run ........Yay this is soooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Ohh whats this

I got it i got it you can't catch me

Time to relax now.... phew what a hard day i think i will just lay here on my grandmas towel on the chair

Oh by the way i really love my uncle Jason he likes to give me lots and lots of kisses and tummy tickles

This is soooooo nice i think i will just close my eyes!!!!!

If i sit here and be good maybe i will get some more kisses

I think i will sit and take a picture with my sis she does not like me sitting too close to me not sure why she sort of goes all stiff when i sit with her but i think she is too tired to move now so this is a good time to take it

Well i hope that you have all enjoyed the pictures as much as i enjoyed my day out!!!!


Oh by the way.... My new puppia harnesses are soooooooo comfortable so glad we got them all the way from England

Bye for now