As recommended by our very own Auntie Nicki (Rupertsmomma) I bought some Quistel shampoo for Charlie as his coat was downright awful.

It had started to get slightly better since he started his treatment from the Vet but this shampoo is really something else. It's not cheap but they did send me a free trial sized conditioner too.

Anyway, he had his first bath with this today and he looks and smells so much nicer than he has done since he arrived here His coat is lovely and glossy and silky - just as a Cavalier's coat should be.

I don't think I'll be buying any other dog shampoo again, I am sooooo impressed. I am now preparing another order for when my Vet bill is settled by the insurance company

If anyone is interested have a look at their website - I think it's available in USA too