I've just put up (as of 1am last night!) the revamped Sm website with a new overall design that should make it easier to read. Also the video clip of Leo now links properly from the video page (though I simply could not get the file to run as an embedded image, much to my annoyance).

SM site: http://sm.cavaliertalk.com

The research page is now current (thanks to Carol Fowler who keeps the research info up to date) -- this includes the abstracts from the NCSU studies for papers presented last June at a major US vet conference. I still have other things I need to add including the important links page but will get to that eventually. Also I am setting up a page for buying Sandi Smith's book and Clare Rusbridge's SM DVD. This will refer people to the correct webpages though the DVD can be obtained from me as well.

Finally some statistics:

The site has had a steadily increasing number of visitors. In July it averaged 100 unique visitors daily and 3,078 for the month. Monday tends to be the busiest day with the weekend fairly quiet, indicating most people probably access the site from work computers. Most of the traffic also happens during daytime hours in the US, indicating that is where most of the traffic comes from.

The most viewed pages are 1) the symptoms page; 2) the Syringomyelia Made Simple document from Clare Rusbridge as a PDF download, 3) the Rusbridge treatment diagram download. The latter two were downloaded close to 350 times each in July. Another popular download was the Rusbridge summer newsletter from last year, which has the breeding recommendations in detail.

Interestingly I had 4 times as many people come to the site from a link on the Dutch cavalier club website than the link on the site of one of the two main US national cavalier clubs, the CKCSC.

The top 10 search terms in July were:

1 canine syringomyelia
2 syringomyelia cavalier
3 sm in dogs
4 syringomyelia dogs
5 syringomyelia in dogs
6 clare rusbridge
7 mris
8 sevenwoods cavaliers
9 sm video
10 syringomyelia