Hi everyone,

First off I wish I'd found this forum ages ago! Oh well better late than never LOL.

I'm Elaine, my husband is Martin and we live in Scotland. We have a cavalier - Lucy, she turned 8 last December. She is my first dog and we just fell head over heels for her. We've had her since she was 15 weeks old. A few years ago she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Our vet is very good and monitored it closely. As soon as it moved from very mild, she was put on medication - vetmedin. More recently it has progressed quite a bit, she had a heart scan and ecg a few weeks ago and the news wasn't good - her heart is enlarged, and the murmur is severe. She has been coughing for quite some time. She has been on frusemide for a while now and the cardiologist said that he would expect her to stabilise on it for around 2-3 months then she would need to have her diuretics changed. Once they stop working, he says, we have to go in and "talk about what is best for Lucy".

Anyway I found this site when looking for information on MVD. I'm at work but I can't wait to go to the photo forums and share my pics and videos!!! She's just our baby.

I'm so glad to be here!

- Elaine
Proud Mum to cavalier Lucy