Our cavalier Lucy has MVD and we were told a few weeks ago that she is in the advanced stages. She's on 1 tab Frusemide twice a day, 1 tab vetmedin twice a day and fortekor once a day. She coughs in the morning and if she's been lying down for a while. She's more lethargic generally although is very much interested in everything going on around her, still leaps up when we ask if she wants to go "out", appetite as fercious as ever. Her pulse in her back legs is still strong, there hasn't been any fainting. Her weight is static (and she's not overweight).

I'm not sure what we should expect in the coming months. She had a heart scan and ecg 3 weeks ago and we were told it's advanced and that she would be expected to stabilise on her meds for 2-3 months, then they would stop working. At that point they can change her diuretics but once they stop working, there's nothing more can be done.

What have your experiences been? We're obviously very upset but also we just don't know what to expect in the coming months or how long we can roughly expect to have. Any information will be helpful.

Thanks so much