I have a question that maybe someone here can help me with. I have been reading some about sm and understand that it is basically a boney malformation of the occipictal bone. Is this correct and it makes the skull to small so fluid builds and starts to cause problems. Well has anyone ever heard of any surgical treatments for this? As in babies that have a stenosis of the skull - where their skulls fuse too early and makes their skulls too small for their growing brains they now go in and break the bone plates up and allow them to have room to grow more normally. Well why couldn't they do something even if it was just to create a hole or something to relieve the pressure?

I may be way off base - I know just enough about some medical stuff to make myself crazy - but I was just curious. And I know that vet schools especially are trying new things and experimental stuff. I know the cost would be outrageous but am also sure their would be many who wouldn't think twice if it meant the end of suffering for their baby. And this may have been already asked or really isn't an option but I thought I would see if anyone had any thoughts.