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Thread: What should I ask the vet?

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    Default What should I ask the vet?

    Corgan is going to have to go to the vet in 2 weeks for a follow-up vaccine. At his first visit, the vet listened for a murmer and heard nothing, so that's good, but he didn't really check for anything else (just the general stuff - looked in his eyes & ears, checked temp, etc). What should we ask them to look for at this age (he'll be 5 months old at that point)? Should they check hips/patellas? Are there any preliminary SM checks that should happen? Etc?

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    It is very unlikely that Corgan, at 5 months, would have a mitral valve murmur. It is not impossible, but it is not likely. However, anytime a vet examines a Cavalier, regardless of its age, the vet should listen to the heart valves to be sure no murmur is heard. Hips usually are tested by x-rays, and it probably is too early for an x-ray. Corgan should have his hips x-rayed after his second birthday, unless any earlier than that, he acts as if his hips are bothering him. The vet should (and easliy can) check his patellas, but he is too young to tell if he has a knee problem as they are still growing. Checking his eyes always is of utmost importance. You might have his blood tested annually, to look for possible issues like diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism.

    You should consider taking him to a nearby health clinic whenever any are coming up, for examinations by a cardiologist and an ophthalmologist. I suggest doing this yearly. There is an extensive list of upcoming health clinics in the United States at and it is updated weekly.

    Otherwise, have him checked if and when you observe strange behaviors or other unusual symptoms.

    Rod Russell
    Orlando, Florida USA


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