Rudy started guarding his food and chew sticks when he was 11months. He has been to training classes and is a very sweet easy going dog until eating time comes. Sometimes he stares at the bowl and won't eat for a while then if you come near he will growl and come after you. The only way I have been able to work through this is to either hand feed or put a small amount in his bowl and approach him with the rest when he is finished the small amount. I worked through this back in March and it just left but since his surgery it has reappeared. I would appreciate suggestions. I saw another post on guarding and I would guess from the information there that I should try to entice him with a treat of higher value till I gain his trust to take the bowl up. The problem is he is so tense any approach will cause him to lash out and jump towards me possibly trying to bite. Of course I would want to trigger this behavior but I also have to be extra careful with his healing leg.