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The only other complaint I've had is how highly she recommended Science Diet. Jace's breeder asked what I fed Caden and frowned heavily on the Science diet because of the corn. I understand it is a matter of opinion to a certain extent but the breeder said she doesn't know a single breeder in the Atlanta area that approves of Science Diet and the vets get a kick back from it which is why they recommend it. I would rather they charge me more and tell me what is really the most healthy choice for my dogs, not what a big company pays them to.
Hi Danielle, just wondering if the vet was recommending Hill's Science Diet, or was she recommending one of the Hill's prescription foods, like maybe one for dogs with severe allergies? Sometimes people think the vet is recommending a normal food and not a prescription food.

I would not want to feed my pups any Hill's, but if it was a prescription food your vet was recommending, you might want to look into the Royal Canin prescription diets, or something else.

My vet wanted to put India on Hill's prescription CD, and I didn't like the ingredients, so we both researched and compromised on feeding her Evo canned 95% beef, to help adjust India's acidity.

I'm just sharing this info in case another vet recommends Hill's food to you.