This was bought for TedBear, but unfortunately he is unable to wear it due to his Syringomyelia.

As modelled by Fran's Bradley in this thread:

It's in the packet, still with tags attached, has only been "tried on" for a couple of minutes.

The harness is made of cotton and has a soft neck for a comfortable fit & the chest is adjustable. This harness is GREAT for those pullers that wiggle out of their regular harness or collar.

* All the sizes of Puppia products are standardized and based on the girth of the trunk.

SIZE Neck Girth Breast Girth

XL 33cm 50cm
13" 19.7"

Click SIZE for where to measure if unsure.

The chest is adjustable, so would fit an inch or so either side of the above. I can measure it if that would help!

If anyone's interested, I would like to sell it for £15 plus P&P at cost...either by cheque or PayPal