They have several dogs from the Wolf case (major confiscation of farmed cavaliers) in Pennsylvania needing foster. This is the info on the dogs:

9 dogs from the Wolf confiscation recently came into Lucky Star's care. This group is the last of the dogs that were in the Chester County shelter. If any of you are in central Mass and can provide us with some foster support, it would be greatly appreciated at this time. Other help in New England will be needed after their medical checks are completed. Most of these recent rescues have some diminished eyesight due to cataracts or eye injury, a couple are quite timid. All will need patience, love and work on their housebreaking. Fenced yards are preferred and a commitment of 2-4 weeks. Please contact me privately if you are seriously interested in helping out. These dogs have lovely personalities and deserve to move on with their lives and you will feel good about contributing to their rehab. They will all be fine with other Cavaliers.
This was posted by Mary from Lucky Star; if you PM me I will PM back her email address to you so that you can contact her directly.