Thanks to everyone who replied to my first message! Your dogs are all so lovely!

We picked Bella up a week ago and she has been too wonderful for words!
She slept in my daughter's arms for the entire 5 hour drive home, played happily all evening and then slept in her crate all night long. I slept in the same room for the first 3 nights, thinking she would one night wake and be scared, but she never has yet. She is almost totally housebroken, whines most of the time when she needs to go out and has yet to enter the rooms she hasn't been invited into. We haven't told her to stay out, but without us inviting her, she is happy to look from the doorways. She seems to have taught herself to sit because she started without any prompting by Friday. Yesterday, my DH was going to get her some Cheerios for a treat and she sat for him without him asking. He went to put his shoes on to go out and when he came back to the kitchen, she was sitting in the same spot, waiting for him, so of course she got another Cheerio! Clever girl!

We have been taking her for a couple of short walks around our neighborhood and we have had 2 cars stop with people wanting to comment on her and interested in what breed she is. Tonight we went on a short jaunt with my neighbor and her Cairn terrier. Bella was a bit frightened of the terrier's hyperness, but was soon running circles around her(on her leash).

Anyways, thanks for letting me ramble on about her....doting parent you know! I haven't any pictures to post as of yet...we are all too busy watcihn her and exclaiming over how cute she is to take many pictures.