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Thread: Not a good day for Leo

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    So sorry to hear Leo has had a bad day. Rory goes through ups and downs, too. Some days just worse than others for no apparent reason.
    I really find he is worse when there is increased excitement in the day.

    Maybe worse with the weather?? I know others have said the weather seems to make a big difference.

    I have found Rory really needs BOTH Furosemide and Gabapentin to be comfortable. If I forget either one of these, he starts to scratch more. While i was in Australia for a month, he stayed with my mom and she noted the same thing. It is trulyl the combination for Rory that does the trick.

    Jen - have you tried using both at the same time?? That might be the next step.
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    Yes, I think that's what we're leaning towards, actually.
    Jen, Abbey (Tri Cavalier) & Gus (White Min. Schnauzer)

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    {{{{{{{{Karlin and Leo}}}}}}}} how is the little angel now, Karlin?

    I've noticed with Maxx that he always seems to scratch more when it's stormy. He does seem OK on Frusemide most of the time but I gave him a Norocarp the other afternoon and around 20 minutes later he was fine again. He's not really bad enough to go onto Gabapentin yet - thank goodness.

    He's obviously feeling OK most of the time as he's getting naughtier as he's getting older


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