In this section we have a weekly (approximately!) photo competiton based around a subject or theme.

Entries are taken for about 5 days and then a poll is set up and everyone can vote. The winner is then announced and the winner's prize is... to set the next theme!


1) Themes are set on Tuesday and entries are taken until Saturday, posted into the thread opened for that theme.

2) Any board member can submit ONE picture per competition -- and the picture can contain as many dogs as wanted and breeds other than cavaliers as well, if desired. We welcome the occasional cat or other friend as well, as cavaliers tend to be so easy-going and friendly.

3) Votes can come in starting on Sunday through Monday. Final votes by midnight Pacific Standard Time (US west coast) please. Any member can vote -- you don't have to submit a picture in order to vote. Tuesday morning Irish time the winner is announced and the winner sets the next theme that day. The winner cannot enter the next competition because they will be announcing the next winner.

4) I am working out the best way of voting. This will either be by poll, or else by PMs to the person who has set the week's theme.