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Thread: Update on Abbys Paper Training

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    Gillian Guest

    Default Update on Abbys Paper Training

    Well , things are going better. But I think she has me trained instead of the other way around.
    When I notice that she is quiet and sitting in a corner I say, Abby go do wee wee paper and of course I go with her and then she does , like a good girl. Of course then there is praise and treats etc. The only thing is she hasnt once gone or made an attempt to go on her own. If I dont tell her she will eventually do it either on floor or in her crate, on her bedding.
    What is the next step please. Any advice????

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    Housetraining is a long and on going process during which you will need to take her out to do her job and during which she must never have the opportunity to be unwatched to the extent that she is able to keep going on floors and bedding. This simply should not be happening if you are using the advice given here by many who have posted back to you in previous threads and also the kalstone book. A key element of all advice and the book has been: she MUST NOT be allowed to roam around without being under constant watch and in constant reach and needs to be either on your lap, tethered to you, carried, or in her crate when she is not being taken out to do her job.

    If you do a mix of taking her out and then, not watching her so that she also has the regular option of going on bedding and floor, then she is being trained that she has two valid options. She shouldn't have that second option, ever.

    Dogs also learn to go where wanted on a very variable scale of learning. Some dogs learn quickly as puppies. For most, they will not become somewhat reliable until 6 months of age and will have occasional accidents almost certainly til a year old or so.

    Some dogs will never let you know they wish to go out unless you specifically train them to do this. My three never indicate they want to go out but they go out with me on a very regular basis. If you want to train her to signal you this is an added level of training you should undertake now.

    A dog can only learn what you teach it. Generally dogs that get a lot of dedicated time for housetraining and that are always set up for success (eg they get rewards for going where you want and never have the opportunity to make mistakes because the *owner* makes sure they can;t happen) learn the fastest and are much more successful than those who don't get a clear message and remain confused about what the owenr's want.

    It sounds right now like Abbey has too much unsupervised freedom for a puppy (otherwise she would not be able to have these accidents) and that is where you will need to make the corrections to her overall training environment if you want success. You are already on your way to getting there because she knows to go when you ask. For many puppies, it is many months before they take the option of choosing to go outside themselves.

    Ps Gillian can you try and reduce your avatar down a bit? It is about a third oversize. The maximum size I have set is the width of my own avatar and larger ones make threads harder to read for people with small computer screens. There are directions on sizes and resizing in the Getting Started section.
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    Gillian Guest


    Karlin , thanks for the advice. I will try and follow the book more closely.
    One more question to ask, please.
    We live in front of a Promenade and almost every evening I take Abby for a walk and then we stop at a cafe and sit there for the evening and walk home. It would be great if she would do her business both wee and poo. Outside. How do you teach them to do that. As she waits until she gets home.
    The thing is that during the day it is too hot to go for a walk on the Promenade. Otherwise I would be taking her out. The Temp is about 35c.
    Thanks for your support.

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    Gillian Guest


    I forgot to say that I will ask my daughter to make Avatar smaller. As I have no idea how to do these things. She ;put the picture for me.
    Also How do I edit the bottom of my messages that says. Married with three grown children etc. I have been trying to do that and havent managed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillian
    Also How do I edit the bottom of my messages that says. Married with three grown children etc. I have been trying to do that and havent managed.
    At the top of your display under the Cavalier Talk.. heading, click on Profile. The scroll down to the second section under 'Profile' and look for 'Signature' - you can change it there. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Submit'. Then click on 'Here' to return to the main index.
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    Gillian Guest


    Thanks for the advice and telling me how to change my profile.


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