Silverdolly 2004

We are new to owning a Cavalier and had the same thoughts about bringing home a pup that was a little older. We were worried that if he was older, the bonding would be more difficult. We got Wrigley when he was 8 weeks and have had him for 6 weeks now. If we get another pup, I think I would want one that was around 12 weeks. They are very little when they are young and even at 14 weeks, you have to be very careful not to tread on their little paws as they love to get under your feet when you are not looking.

House training is definitely getting better as he is getting older. Wrigley rarely has accidents in the house, and he is very slowly getting out of the bitting stage.

Also, if you have children in the house, it would be better for them and puppy if it were a bit older.

Good luck for when you decide to buy one of these little darlings!