When I got Mia (7 Mos.) she was about 80% housetrained. Now that she's settling in (after a few rough potty days) she's been great to go potty out doors (fingers and toes crossed/knock on wood).

One problem--she's gotten to where she won't go poo on the grass--prefers my flagstone walkway or patio. I thought at first it was because the grass was wet, but that hasn't been the case the last few days. I'm SO glad and grateful she's going outside, I hate to rock the boat... Should I move her in mid-poo to a grassy area? I've taken her out on a leash many times, but in the mornings she's so ready to go I don't really have a chance to put her leash on before she's jumping at the door to go out.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is Mia a little potty diva? "Mia the Diva"--kinda has a nice ring to it.