I have had an email from someone in Northern New Jersey asking me about taking in a rescue Cavalier.

I don't know where they got my details from or anything but they seem really interested. They say they have plenty of experience with taking in homeless dogs and also have a 1 yr old Cav as well.

I got the following email back today....

I had seen a photo and clicked on an attached e-mail address. I tried to find the photos again and unfortunately was unable to find the exact one. If it will help to narrow it down, I am located in Northern New Jersey. We are close to the metropolitan New York City area and are also close to eastern Pennsylvania. I had been looking for dogs in my area so I know that the photos must have been in the northern New Jersey/New York area.

I have sent them the list of rescues that Karlin has put on here but does anyone else know of any that I could suggest?

Thanks in advance