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Thread: POEM for those involved in rescue...KLEENEX warning!

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    Karlin, people make me so angry I wonder how they'd like to be locked in the garden all day or in a coal shed

    We've been in this house for 3 1/2 years and our garden is only just about finished now - oh what fun it's been with those lovely paw prints all over the show

    I thought it would be all done and dusted now that we have a completely doggy friendly garden - oh no, not with Lord Maxximillion..... He's found a way through Daddy's barricades onto the soil and inhales it ready to come and sneeze all over Mamma as a good morning welcome

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    My last two cavs have been "rehomed" and come to live with me. I've always felt like I loved them as much as if they had come as tiny pups. Both have had medical problems, but that's just some of the baggage they bring and you gotta love it!

    I wouldn't trade them for any puppies - all tho' I'd love to have puppies too!



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