Hi all,
I have just recently joined and was reading all the posts about wonderful dogs who have passed on and owners who are grieving,I couldn't get round
to replying to all the posts so I decided to post this message instead.

My thoughts are with all who have lost their little friends.

I had to give up my jack russell 4 years ago as he was getting to be really jealous of my youngest son then 11 yrs old and it broke my heart.

He was going to another home but it was still hard and I cried for days.

I swore I would never get another dog,but 4 weeks later on the advice of my vet I got a blenhiem cavalier and then when he was two got him a little companion , a Tri-colour cavalier. They are both like my babies and I don't even like to think that some day I may have to say goodbye to them.

I hope that time will heal or at least ease all the broken hearts.
Best wishes to you all.