Hi everyone,
Well I have been working with Riley from the day we brought him home at 10 wks old, and he has always been stubborn and wants his way. So here we are now and Riley is 9 mths. old and good gracious we are still struggling with who is going to call the shots. I have been very careful to try to establish myself as pack leader with him and he is not allowed to get away with very much. I have learned that with him you cannot give an inch or he will take a mile! But i am human and i'm sure i cannot be doing everything right, plus i'm just a regular person and not a dog trainer or anything.
Does anyone else have this problem, I feel like i am the only one! Especially with a Cavalier, i keep hearing people around where i live saying how their dogs or their friends' dogs (all CKCS) are so mellow and gentle and just do whatever you want without a fight. And they ask if Riley is mixed with some other breed or something, like he couldn't be a Cavalier! Sure, i have some trouble with him wanting to always lead the walks and his greetings with dogs are over the top excited, but he's not completely out of control. Is that what other people see? I have worked with him so hard all these months to control his behavior to a well mannerd level, but i don't seem to be producing that result. It's very embarrassing when we have to leave public places or avoid doing greetings because Riley is just way to excited and noisy.
Does anyone out there know what i'm talking about? Do i have a "special" case doggie on my hands? Am i crazy or just frustrated?