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Thread: Excessive Drooling

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    Default Excessive Drooling

    Rudee is 12yrs & 8 mths. This year I've noticed that she is always wet under her chin and it smells . She had her teeth cleaned earlier in the year so I know it's not a dental problem. She is on Vetmedin (heart) and Lasics (diuretic) tabs twice daily. Is this just a sign of old age or something else? I asked the vet but he said it is normal and not to worry .
    I wipe under her chin every day just to freshen her up and she loves when I dry her - she keeps rubbing her chin on the towel.
    Anyone throw any light on this subject???
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    Hi Claire,
    I don't have any knowledge about drooling, so I looked it up in one of my dog care books. Could possibly be a blocked salivary gland or a dental problem according to this book. Was she drooling when the vet last did her dental check, or did it start up after?
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    One of my dogs drools a lot or remains very wet in that area but he is on cyclosporin for allergy control and it is a side effect of this drug (so I've been told).
    I have trouble with my men getting infections in this area of their mouths/chins for different reasons but the way I know it is infected when it gets like that is the smell.

    Is the area yellowish or green in colour ?
    What is the flesh like under the hair is it normal or quite red and sore looking ?

    If either of these things are present it could be an infection.
    Luvzcavs xx
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    pop her to the vet to be sure, better to catch anything early with a lovely oldie like Rudee.

    I would wipe her little chinny a 1000 times a day! just to keep her comfy what a doll!

    Alison, Wilts, U.K.


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