Remember Darcy? How can we forget that beautiful six year old tri-color who died in June, and her sad but wonderfully educational daily blog ( )?

Well, Darcy's family, Kim and Jerry Thornton, have founded The Darcy Fund, which will finance research into the causes and cures for mitral valve disease in dogs. Read all about it in Darcy's Mum's current column on the MSNBC website --

This Fund is a part of the ACKCSC's charitable trust, and contributions to it may be made through the charitable trust's web site, by marking "Darcy Fund" on the donation form

Surprisingly, until the Thorntons talked the ACKCSC's trust into joining this effort, the ACKCSC and its trust, at least on their two websites, have been ignoring MVD. It is not mentioned on the ACKCSC's health webpage -- (you would think that just maybe the leading cause of death of Cavaliers might get a word or two mention on the health webpage of the parent club for the breed), and the charitable trust has not listed any grants to MVD research on its website . So, The Darcy Fund is a major breakthrough. Perhaps next, the club will even acknowledge the existence of the MVD breeding protocol.

Thank you, Kim and Jerry Thornton, for creating this wonderful way to memorialize your wonderful dog, Darcy. So now, if anybody asks you, what can they do about MVD, tell them to contribute to The Darcy Fund.

Rod Russell
Orlando, Florida USA