Maybe your pup is fussing because she expects people to coo and talk to her (from obedience class? exposure to mainly dog lovers?) and when they don't, she's offended, for want of a better word.
I think this is true because he was fussed over lots at puppy class so I think he does expect everyone to greet him! May have to go back to school like Shelbys mom is and maybe he will realise that he doesnt have to greet everyone!
Holly is really noisy when she wants me to throw her toy. She'll drop it for me (sorta) and then bark and cry and yip for it to be thrown.
Charlie is very good at sitting/lying quietly waiting for a toy to be thrown its funny how they all have their different quirks!

The only time he does it is if Darren or me wonder off
Awww he probably thinks he is missing out on something! or wants to have a nose at where your goin!!

If the people want to say hi I make him sit down for petting. He's getting better!
Im glad he is getting better fingers crossed my charlie will.

Thanks for your comments hope I havent missed anyones out.
Bye 4now xxxxx