Sorry if I am boring you. But What Abby is doing is this> [Remember her potty with paper in it is in my balcony which I leave open. She is very happy to do her poos in balcony by herself and almost never has an accident ] Now with the wee , if I tell her, Abby come do wee wee paper she comes immediately and does it on paper. Of course I kind of calculate how long its been in between wees. Now if I dont tell her she will hold it and then act really funny, sitting in a corner as if she is worried, even doesnt eat , which is unbelievable, until I tell her and if I dont she will eventually just wee where she is. Anywhere!!
Any advice please!!!!!
I am quite happy that she does whenever I tell her but cant understand How she doesnt get it, that she should go there whenever she feels the need.
Any ideas are welcome.