Hi all,

I am new to this site but would just like to say how much you and your discussions have helped me over the past week. My boyfriend bought me a beautiful blenheim girl after a year of me begging for a cavalier. She has already brought me a lot of happiness but I have had some issues to deal with over the past week, namely the guilt of leaving her alone when i go to work and a bad ear infection which resulted in my first trip to the vet

I have now arranged for my mum to call in to visit coco everyday after work so she's not alone for too long and her ear infection is clearing up. i have visited this site a thousand times in the past week searching old topics to get some advice!!

my new dilemma is that my boyfriend is adamant to follow through with his original plan to get a dobermann pup. I would love coco to have some company but am worried a dobermann is not the right kind of company for my little princess!! what do you think???!!!!