Sorry Karlin, but I am inclined to disagree slightly with you here. I have spent the majority of my working life in Pharmacy and it is just taken for granted that if you get a call from a hospital or GP to dispense a prescription that is needed that day then you will stay behind.

These people (Vets, Dr's, Dentists, Pharmacists etc) all earn more than enough money to stay and deal with emergencies. If they cannot be bothered to deal with this then they are in the wrong profession.

My own Vets are fantastic and on more than one occasion I have called them in an emergency and they have just said 'come right down we'll ask the Vet to wait' or asked me to go to their other surgery where there is a vet in attendance.

The only time I have ever had a Vet say they can't see an animal (even an injured wild one) was when I took my babies to stay with Alison. Maxx became quite poorly and was obviously in a lot of pain. Alison phoned her Vets who wouldn't see him until the next day.

I brought both dogs home and went straight to my own Vets where we saw a locum. He couldn't believe that a Vet had refused to see a sick animal and said that if left overnight, Maxx's condition would have gotten much worse & that he was already extremely poorly.

Sara, as Alison has said, eyes problems are always potentially serious & should be treated as such (speaking as someone whose Cavalier would have lost an eye if it hadn't been for an emergency Vet opening his surgery at 7am!). If you are not happy with that surgery then find another one. Vote with your feet and take your business elsewhere.

Big hugs to little Kos and you too - bet you need them