Daisy has been a bit of a terror recently! She is obsessed with biting and pulling my hair ! i always tell her 'no' and she completly ignores me! She is also quite obsessed with chasing my feet when i walk, which is actually quite hard to get her to stop doing, i am sure she thinks it is a game, as she goes from chasing them, to biting them! The other day i was crouching down to pick something up and i had a nip on the bum! Sometimes it really hurts and especially when she goes for my face, she also has a habit of trying to bite my moles!!!! ouch!

She is very intelligent though, and i think that when i say no she just has selective hearing!!! She has already learnt to 'sit' & 'stay' and 'down' commands though at 10 weeks old! So quite pleased with that! She also seems to bite me harder than my husband which i find odd too.... i say to her that i am 'the hand that feeds' ! but it makes no difference!!!!