tonight..worked on three different sequences..

The first was a square with 2 jumps on 3 sides and a jump and tunnel on the 4th side...with you and dog starting inside the square you send the dog over a jump call them back in to the square bewtewen the jumps then send them back over the next jump then in between the jumps at the corner and back over the next jump..all the way around the jump tunnel you send the dog into the far end of the tunnel..Robbie went all the way around without a break....*G*

Our next sequence was 3 jumps around a tunnel..the tunnel was collapsed like a pill bug ...the idea is to work on distance begin with you can go up the middle of the tunnel to get around the jumps but gradually you are working further distance amd moving the jumps further from the tunnel so there would be room to go between the jumps and tunnels if they wanted to (you don't want them to)

The last sequence was a figure 8..

with tunnels at either end and jumps in the middle...the idea is to just keep going..Robbie was awesome..did a couple of great rear crosses and some even better front crosses...

just one of those classes where everything worked..*G*