My sister put together a puppy book with lots of pics of her baby's first year ... starting with the first photo when he arrived home and finishing with the peanut butter, carrot and cottage cheese birthday cake that she made him for his first birthday (it was a dog birthday cake recipe she found online ...)

I plan to make a Puppy Book for Lucky too (I even had the breeder send me some baby pics from before I got him so I can insert those into the book too ...).

Anyway, if you have a Macintosh computer, you might know that you can pretty easily do bound hardcover photobooks in iPhoto. MyPublisher, the same company that is contracted to print those books for Apple also takes direct orders either from Mac users who create the books in iPhoto or from Windows users who download their software to create the book. Making a book is pretty easy ... if you can upload pics to display on, then you can make a puppy book.

Here's the link to MyPublisher:

I got an email today with their current promo so I thought I would share it with everyone ...

get 50% off orders over $100 and 25% off orders over $50.
Use coupon code FALL2550

They have UK and Europe sites as well ... here's the UK link:

I am not sure if that code will work in the UK and Europe, but I'd sure give it a try if I lived there and wanted to make a puppy book.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this deal with people in case you have a lot of digital photos you want to print. The photobooks can hold a lot of pictures and can be a really cost effective and impressive way to preserve and share the photos.

Have fun creating!!!