I have recently spoken with a trainer in the area who said he likes to work with pups about 10 - 12 weeks to begin training. I had wanted to take Ella to a group class but there aren't any that are convenient - that's how I got to this guy. He does not come recommended to me by anyone but he sounds nice enough on the phone - kinda.

My question is, how do you know if the guy is a good trainer having nothing in the past from which to judge. He is coming tomorrow and he told me some things that I need including, small treats that she likes, a colar and a short lead. I said I had them all but I prefered to use her harness. He said that I needed to use the colar. I let him know that I will not be keeping her on a colar as I hear harnesses are best for cavaliers and he said we will use a colar and he'll explain why when we meet. I didn't really like that - I am worried he is going to jerk her around - is this normal?

Thanks in advance guys!!!