Never did I think I'd be posting here again so soon. My very first post was in this group, for Aggie. I'd found this website not long after she died, looking for something that would make me feel better and found more than I expected. I feel like everybody on this site owned a little bit of Rio too, because you have all offered advice from the very beginning, and provided so much support when she died. We only had her for four and a half weeks, but as you will understand a great deal of bonding was done in that time. Particularly as we took her through so many illnesses.

But I wanted to concentrate here on what a great pup she was. Rio gave us so much joy during such a short time. To begin with I thought she was a shy and insecure puppy. She spent her first few days here following us at our heels and sitting on our feet, gazing up at us. In the car she would lie in my lap, with her head at a funny angle so she could look at me. As the days passed she showed herself to be as bubbly as any cavalier puppy, and as loving. She had a quiet confidence about her, and wasn't scared by too much (even the vacuum cleaner and my mums JRT x pom). She loved stairs and was clambering up them on day one, and sliding down them by day 2. By week 2 she was bounding up and down them (until I read in this forum she wasn't supposed to, and subsequenty had a hard job keeping her off them). Everybody that met Rio was utterly enchanted by her. She had been almost housebroken by the time she was 10 weeks old (but her illnesses meant setbacks) and was beginning to come and sit on command. She made great friends with Flea, the cat. Poor Flea tried to make her play but when Rio got sick she just wasn't able for it. Rio loved to sleep and if you would try to stroke her or cuddle her while she was sleeping she would get up in a huff and fling herself down somewhere else where se wouldn't be disturbed.

We miss you Rio

Rio, at one week old

The day we took her home

Rio and Flea, curled up and sleeping

Ben giving Rio a kiss

"Move over!"