I know this is going to sound like a really daft question but as Keiko is our first dog Id rather be sure. Keiko is now 10 weeks old and just loves playing with his toys. He seems to growl when playing and shaking them around like rag dolls lol. When myself and the boys are playing with him especially outside he seems to bark and growl a lot, though it is in a very playful way as he crouches down wagging his tail and trying to get us to chase him or give him more attention.
We all think this is very cute although Im not sure if this is a puppy thing and very normal or should it be discouraged as it might not seem so cute when he is a lot older. Our cat just sort of ignores him but when she is sitting looking at him from her chair but Keiko jumps round in circles barking,growling and wagging his tail as if he is shouting at her to come down and play! But Im sure this isnt helping Kaiba to like him.
We have had to chase him to catch him on several occasions as he is constantly trying to eat slugs and leaves and berries that keep dropping into the garden from overhanging trees. He seems to know that we are going to take the things off him so most times as soon as we approach or call him he takes off in a mad sprint round the garden.Its as if he is teasing us and is just trying to get a chase which in itself is hilarious.But sometimes I have to physically catch him as he may be eating something harmful and calling him excitedly doesnt work.
I obviously dont want him growing up as a barker as I know cavaliers are a relatively quiet breed but dont want to discourage him if this is totally normal behaviour for a 10 week old puppy.