Thanks to all of you for your responses...Im going to try and answer them one by one:

Could he simply have an eye infection? If he's got the runs is he just unwell generally?
Hes just had his second vet check,no infection in the eyes.... everything seems totally fine and normal to vet, no worms...everything positive, He came from a wonderful breeder.

Otherwise I'd have his anal glands checked or wonder if he is getting hold of something like cat feces to eat as feces will really scent the breath unpleasantly.
Nope, thats not it, we learned from max to have a gate set up where kitty litter is...and its impossible for him to gain entrance to food or waste from the kittys....No anal gland impaction....Its strange becouse his breath doesnt stink...but when I give him a treat for going potty and his saliva is on my hand that smells? I know it sounds weird...but he does have funny smell.

There's lots of anecdotal opinion and not much in the line of actual research.
Thats exactly what Im thinking....and I may have to science Experiment on what works for him and what doesnt....*sigh* I was hoping for an easy answer!

Then I started putting one Refresh Tears (Allergan over the counter) eye drop into each eye every day or so, plus every 2 weeks or so I put Renu contact solution on a cotton ball and wipe under her eyes. I also wipe under her eyes as needed with warm water and a cotton ball, then blot dry with a kleenex.
Good thing thats the brand I use and already have it in the house, Ill try it and report back in a week or so and let you know what happens.....

Any other peices of advice or comments are welcomed...thanks to all for your input.