Just a quick update - I asked my breeder to have her vet fax the records of Lucky's neutering to both me and my insurance company (they require his complete records on file within 30 days and I don't want to risk any technicalities should I later need to file a big claim ...).

I am going to give a copy of the records to my vet. I took Lucky for his Rabies vaccine on Monday and told the vet that he had been neutered and about his hernia operation. She examined him pretty closely, and could not identify his scar or feel any scar tissue. She also did not feel any testicles. So she believes Lucky was probably neutered and his wound just healed really well, but she definitely wants to see some proof of the neuter (as do I).

I'm still waiting to get my fax but will follow up with the breeder tomorrow and find out when I should expect it. I'll let everyone know when I receive it. I'm curious to know how old he was when he was neutered because he came to me at 10 weeks, and there were no signs of any surgery.