Yvonne; this sounds like something that you should be able to work out. . However you may need to consider the situation with a relative who may not be interested in having a dog in the house; that adds another dimension.

If you want to give me a call, do -- Pm me and I'll send you my number or send me yours.

I will of course help rehome Holly if needed too, or can give some advice about what to check for if you are thinking of rehoming her.

Ps Not sure, but if you mean you are leaving her outside for any time at all when someone is not at home, I'd urgently suggest finding some way of keeping her indoors. There have been so many stolen CKCS and females are always the first target on the basis that they can have puppies. Dognappers cannot tell the dog is spayed and will often steal to sell on to puppy farmers. It is a serious problem in Ireland and the UK at the moment.