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Thread: Puppies Puppies Everywhere!!!

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    Default Puppies Puppies Everywhere!!!

    There are a lot of people getting puppies this weekend!!!

    From my boys and family to you all - Good luck, have fun!!

    And have plenty of snurries (a word in our house for 'furry snuggles'). We all can't wait to see pictures and hear stories of your first days and your other furbaby's reactions. or

    I am seldom on line over the weekend so I will be looking forward to getting to the office on Monday for updates!!
    Ashley - Mom to Duncan (4 years/blenheim) and Arthur (3 years/ruby)

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    Thank you! I'm chomping at the bit to go get Bella tomorrow, this week has gone by soooo slow! I called our breeder today just to check on her and make sure she was good to go, and she said she's happy, healthy, and ready to come home

    And Bella will meet her extended family on Sunday because we're hosting our family Thanksgiving at our house. It should be a fun-filled weekend!
    Bella's Mom

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    We want photos please --Aileen
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