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Thread: X-Pen Question

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    I put mine on some rubber matting and leaned one of the panels against the wall, this seems to make it more stable. (Although to be honest we only use it at night time so if Oakley needs a potty break he just comes out of the crate and goes on the paper) - If i try to put him in during the day Oakley just screaches because he is very similar to when Merlin was a puppy in that way.

    If I can see you I want to be able to get to you - I'll whine and shout
    If I can't see you but I know you're in the house - I'll whine and shout
    If I can't see you because you're out - I'll be a good boy and be quiet!

    I suppose you can't win them all

    I know he'll grow out of it, Merlin did (sorry for going a bit off topic)there!
    Merlin and Oakleys Mum (Merlin -Male/B&T/5 years, Oakley - Male/Ruby/3.5years)

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    I tried- we did all sorts of complicated things to the bottom of the crate to increase the grip on the floor. It actually worked too. Obviously not proof against a determined puppy, though! I'm still adjusting to the fact that Chloe is spunkier than Holly was. Holly would never have dreamed of trying to push against the pen- or not after it moved once! And she never messed up the pee pads either. Chloe thinks of them as a fabulous ripping toy, so it's just as well she's been so good with going out! What kind of rubber matting is it? Can you buy it?
    Holly - 7years
    Amber- 3 years


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