Our Barkleigh is now 3 1/2 months old. We live on the West Coast of Florida in a little town called Crystal River. Yesterday, our college daughter was getting an MRI (rugby knee post surgery) and the woman next to her had an "odd purse." Out popped a 9 week old cav. Of course they got to chatting and my daughter phoned to check if our pups were related since they both had an Ocala connection. Turns out they are half brothers--the little girl's (a tri) father shares the same mom as my Blenheim. If you drew a map, the connections would hardly make sense because my daughter's school is more than a 100 miles from the hospital and 80 miles from us. The breeder for my dog is about 40 miles from me. The tri's family lives in Jacksonville--about 150 miles from us and her breeder is another 50 miles or so away...so you are crisscrossing a big state many ways and ending up next to each other.
And in a hospital waiting room--where dogs don't usually go.