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Thread: New Greenies, good or bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurenlyn1
    Brady does seem to love his bully stick. I only bought one Greenies at the store because I wanted to check and she what they did different. I haven't had any green poo this morning but it was kinda soft. Why are bully sticks better that rawhide?
    i think i remember hearing it said on these boards that greenies were not actually edible, they didn't break down during digestion, the dog wasn't meant to swall any pieces of it, but they do, so in some unfortunate cases, the piece of greenie caused a block in the digestive tract, causing the dog to become quite sick.

    Bully sticks are actually edible and will break down during digestion.

    Still, anything a dog chews that can come apart in pieces may cause digestive problems and even a blockage so it's probably wise to supervise. Even carrot sticks--if too big of a piece is swallowed, it could potentially cause choking.

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    Mine have never had 'Greenies' but I've bought them green chewy things from pets at home - doggy toothbrushes I think they're called. Are they the same?

    Mine weren't that fussed tbh and much prefer bully sticks and chewy sticks (we call them that too, Kirsty).


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