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    We had this happen last Christmas. My son came from California with his Springer. His wife had an earlier flight (long story) and we had several hours to kill, so we took Gryphon to a cafe and ate outdoors. A couple came along and went nutty over the Springer and it turned out that theirs was a half sibling to Gryphon from the same breeder--many hours away. They told us where there was great dog park in the neighborhood where Gryphon burned off some steam before his long ride home (in cargo area). He does great traveling. Hope hie likes his "Uncle Barkleigh."

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    I agree, it is weird. I have some elderly friends who live up the road to me. We kept saying how much like each other my Maxx and their Charlie were. We've now compared the pedigrees and found they are related by Grandfather - again from different ends of the country!

    Their markings are almost identical and the amount of times people have brought Charlie to me thinking it was Maxx who'd escaped from the house - poor Charlie has usually been sunning himself on his own front garden


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