I have added more pictures of Heaven on the second page of this forum.

My sweet kitty Heaven passed suddenly yesterday. She was only 5 and was just coming to love our new puppy, Willow. I had an incredible bond with that cat. The moment i picked her out of the pile of kittens and held her, I thought I was chosing her. I loved her instantly. Turns out, she chose me. SHe put her tiny paw on my face and stared at me. Since then, she has always touched my face when we cuddle. We do not know what happened to our precious girl, but it's agony without her. Willow was walking around the house with her collar in her mouth, she was searching for her. It is a very very sad day for us. I hope she didn't suffer. I hope she knew how much i loved her. I know she was happy though, right up till the day she passed. She loved everyone! She was known for how uniquely affectionate she was. Head butts and purrs for everyone! I miss her so much, it hurts. I never knew losing a pet could be this hard.
Heaven Leonhardt July 7 2001-October 16, 2006