Thank you so much for referring me to that wonderful site dedicated to the loss of our furry friends. I have already made a new friend who just lost her kitty the other day too. I posted a tribute to Heaven there for Monday night. I shared my story as well. And you are right, the animated bridge poem brought me to tears as I remebered my sweet Heaven. Thank you so much.

Willow is much better today and I love her that much more. She will help me through this. You all have helped me so much already. Thank you.
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It's good that you are bonding more with Willow, she really will help you at this time, Cavaliers are very understanding.

Sorry about the tummy upset, it prob was the different food, she may also be upset by the change in scenery and because you are upset.

This website may help you

They do a wonderful candle ceremony on a Monday really helped me.

This is the Rainbow Bridge story

and this is a wonderful animated version, definitely need the tissues for this one though

Thinking of you - I understand about the looking for another Kitty, but perhaps try to wait a little...when the time is right another one will come into your life.