My husband and I just got a cat (we've never been big cat fans but it's a long story how ended up with this one). So far, him and Liesl are not getting along. When the cat is not in sight, Liesl is ok. For instance, right now the cat is hiding in the bathtub and Liesl knows where he is but she is laying down beside me in the office with a chewie. However, if the cat were to come out into her sight, she would start going crazy. Will they ever learn to just ignore each other and be in the same room with one another? I particularly am nervous when I'm away at work. Liesl stays behind a baby gate in the kitchen and I get scared that if the cat walks past, she will go so crazy that she will knock the baby gate and then everything will just go down hill from there. Any suggestions from those who have Cavaliers and cats living peacefully in one home?