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Thread: a happy ending to a scary moment!

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    rustling noises in the cat food bag, i would've thought it was some kind of moths, as i've had past experience with that happening in cereal boxes and things, there are some kind of worms or something in the grain which then become moths--really gives you pause to think about what you are eating if you don't get moths. do you really know what's in your stored grain?

    once long ago, i was sitting on the floor of the place i lived then, in the living room, just around the corner from the kitchen. suddenly i looked down to see a little mouse come around the doorway from the kitchen, it surprised me so, i had never seen a mouse before except in pet stores, i made a small scream and turned and jumped away from the spot. What was funny though, even at the time, was that as i turned to run away, out of the corner of my eye, i saw the mouse do the exact same thing as i did, turn and run away in fear, it was like we were mirror images of each other. he/she was very cute, just a little furry thing. But it sure scared me to see it coming around the corner a couple of feet away like that. Never saw one again, never heard any rustling around. i've never forgotten that little mouse.

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    Nicki Wrote
    Oh Karlin...thank goodness it was only a fly!!

    [quote] hear hear to that!! mice, toads worms, spiders..they all give the creeps! (i know im a wimp whatever ) ..i really like the nice tame mice people keep as pets but wild ones! never!! and toads eeeek!!

    i have this sort of fear of wild mice now..quite a while back i was sitting on a porch outside in this kind of outdoor vacation site (lots of bush and lakes etc)...when i felt something run up my skirt..i thought it was a spider and freaked out and grabbed my skirt to stop it getting any further...i got up and shook it out and on the floor dropped out this huge mouse! (it couldve been a rat but same same)...i screamed and ran inside and didnt come out for quite some time..when i eventually came out the mouse wasnt there...sneaky little bugger ..climbing up my skirt and then taking off!
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