Poor Cailean's coughing a lot more.

I took him to the vet and I'm not very happy with their diagnosis of bronchitis

This goes against all my instincts ... it wasn't his usual vet. His usual vet treated Declan to the end, and has seen Cailean most of the way through.

It's not the kind of vet practice where you can stipulate which vet you see, but I'm about to phone them and demand to see his normal vet.

Had a disrupted night with Cailean til he finally went to sleep at 1.30 am.
He was so overheated - panting like mad. It wasn't even a warm night, but we had the window wide open and I ended up giving him a bit of a trim to try and cool him off a bit. He finally wanted a drink and wee at 1.30, then came back up to the bedroom and fell fast asleep! Bless him.