Ruby and Sydney here,

Mom and Dad have stepped out so we'll be quick.


Thank you and yes we have traveled a lot. I hear there is a topic in one of the other chat rooms about all the places you humans have traveled. After we are done here, maybe we can go find it and do a synopsis of all the places we've been. Of course, we haven't traveled nearly as much as Dad but then if it weren't for his job and travels he wouldn't have found us in Ireland and brought us home. Spring will soon be here and our travels will begin once again. Stay tuned and let us know if there are any places you would like to see us go.


That's so exciting and its good to see your grasp of Virginia geography is better than our grasp of Minnesota/Michigan geography. We go to Charlottesville a lot. My human big sister graduated from the University of Virginia so we've been there a lot. I think once the weather warms up that will be one of our first Spring trips. It is a very pretty campus and like you said was designed by Thomas Jefferson. And of course, what would a trip to Charlottesville be without a trip to Monticello. And we'll even toast to your health over lunch at the Boar's Head Inn. So stay tuned and keep checking back because we will post pictures as soon as we get back. Hopefully, like Cathy and Annapolis, we'll bring back good memories. Any requests for specific pictures?


Glad you liked our pictures of Pennsylvania. Mom and Dad got our coats last year at a local pet boutique. They are made by a company called Foggy Mountain Dog Coats. We like them a lot because they slip over our heads and then are secured with a Velcro belt around our stomachs. They are really warm and we can stay out a long time even in the coldest of weather. You can find them at so log on and make sure you get lots for your fur babies.

Gotta run cause we hear the key in the door. Another post coming tonight after Mom and Dad go to bed.

Ruby and Sydney in Virginia